Bayside Live at the Summit

Opening up for Bayside’s show in Denver on Saturday was Canadian pop punk band Seaway.

Seaway is a personal favorite of mine because they are everything you would expect from a pop punk band plus their lyrics are extremely catchy. I will be honest and say that their set began a little slower than I would have anticipated. However, they definitely built up momentum through their set and after each song the crowd seemed to be more engaged.

Next up on the bill was Man Overboard or for two days on the tour, Creature. Due to the fact that Man Overboard’s vocalist Nik was on a temporary leave of your due to a family matter, Man Overboard transformed into Creature, a misfits cover band. For fans who hadn’t been aware of Man Overboard’s set change that could have been a major disappointment. During the cover set, ZacĀ  really owned the stage. It was by far the most memorable and entertaining Man Overboard sets.

I’m not quite sure what to say about Senses Fail besides the fact that their set was very engaging. Buddy Nielsen seemed to put every ounce of his being and all of his energy into that set. From running across the stage and jumping around Buddy’s stage presence did not disappoint!

Around 10:15 Bayside took the stage. The moment that the most anticipated set of the night began, fans were screaming, drinks were flying, and crowd surfers where making their way over the barricade singing along! As someone who has wanted to see Bayside for a while, I wasn’t disappointed. The atmosphere was energizing as the crowd sang along to their favorite songs. Going out to a date of Bayside’s current tour will definitely be a fun time full of good music and memories of the last 15 years of Bayside being a band.


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