Bass Drum Of Death Announces First New Album In Four Years

Bass Drum of Death featuring multi-instrumentalistJohn Barrett – is back with their first new album in over four years, Just Business, slated for release worldwide on July 27thvia RED MUSIC. This record marks the fourth released under the Bass Drum of Death moniker and first since 2014’s acclaimed record, Rip This.Just Business will be available on vinyl and digital formats when released, but pre-orderis happening now via Fans who pre-order the digital release will receive an instant download of the title track “Just Business” and the recently released song, “Heavy.”

From the instantly-catchy guitar riff of opener “Third Coast Dreaming,” a nod to John’s Gulf Coast home, to the bombastic outro of aptly-titled closer “Leaving,” Just Businessshowcases the depth and growth of the band’s catalog. Recorded over the span of a year in a studio space overlooking the congestion and hustle of Times Square, the album is packed with every bit of the feedback-soaked, garage wallop of past BDoD fare and openly explores Barrett’s evolved songwriting like never before.

“There’s a certain kind of trouble that you’re able to get into in New York that you’re not able to get in anywhere else,” explains Barrett, who recently traded his down south roots for the bustling city. “For years, I’ve been known as ‘The Garage Rock Guy’ and I think this record highlights how much of a better singer and songwriter I’ve gotten to be. You can actually hear what I’m singing!”

In anticpation of the release, Bass Drum of Death recently released a music video for the song “Heavy.” The video is based on a true story of unspoken violent events taking place along the US/Mexico border. Upon learning of such events via the video’s director, Barrett felt compelled to make this story central to the visual treatment for the song.


1. Third Coast Dreaming

2. Too High

3. Diamond in the Rough

4. Failing Up

5. Heavy

6. I Don’t Wanna Know

7. Odds Are Good

8. Just Business

9. I Love You (I Think)

10. Thought I Told You

11. Leaving