Bad Wolves Believes Donating ‘Zombie’ Royalties To Family Of Late Cranberries Vocalist: “I Don’t Think It Would Feel Right Otherwise”

Jason Bullinger for Alternative Revolt

Bad Wolves guitarist Doc Coyle was recently interviewed by Concert Crap. Here is what he said about their recent tour and the success of “Zombie”.

On the group’s current tour with label mates Diamante and From Ashes To New.

Doc: “It was the brainchild of our label owner, Allen Kovac. I was actually there in the meeting when he came up with this idea. At the time, we didn’t have all the bands worked out, but it was his idea. We were actually very nervous about headlining. Even though it’s a co-headline tour, we’re closing, so if everyone leaves, we’re the last man standing. We were kind of nervous about headlining because we’re a brand new band, but they felt confident between how well the [‘Zombie’] single is doing and the support from radio that the tour could be successful. So far, it’s going really, really well.”

On the success of “Zombie”:

Doc: “That’s really the launching point for a lot of the bigger stuff that’s happened to the band, a lot of the kind of mainstream attention. It was part of the original group of songs [for debut album ‘Disobey’]. Allen used to manage The Cranberries, and the guy who runs the U.K. part of the label [ed. note: Dan Waite], he’s personal friends with [late Cranberries vocalist] Dolores [O’Riordan] and the family, so it was just kind of a coincidence that we were going to do the song. Tommy [Vext], our singer, asked Dan if he could show it to her. After he showed it to her, she was the one that said, ‘Hey, I’d love to sing on it.’ She loved it. That kind of personal relationship is how it started. Unfortunately, she passed away right when she was supposed to do it, and we kind of became part of the story of her passing. Then there was a question about maybe, ‘Don’t put this on the record’ [or] ‘Don’t put this out,’ but they came up with the idea to give the money to the family and make the song a tribute, and I think that was really the best move for everyone. It’s the least we could do. A lot of people are like, ‘Oh, you’re losing so much money.’ Not for nothing, I don’t think it would feel right otherwise.”