Awolnation Releases New Single “California Halo Blue” / “Drive”

Jason Bullinger For Alternative Revolt

Following the excitement and enthusiasm surrounding the launch of the fastest growing song at Alternative Radio – “The Best” – the first single off their upcoming album, AWOLNATION has readied even more new music for fans from their forthcoming release.  The latest is a new song, “California Halo Blue,” out everywhere now via Better Noise Music.

The song, from the approaching new album that Aaron Bruno has been concocting over the past year, is one that personally means a lot to the artist. It was conceptualized and born out of a heavy and personal experience in late 2018. Admist the tragic California fires of 2018, an occurance now all too frequent, the Woolsey fire tore through Bruno’s hometown and surrounding areas almost exactly one year ago.

While the fires rapidly spread, he was out on tour and couldn’t get home if he tried, only able to be on the phone with his wife while she packed up what she could, before evacuating with their dogs in tow. Though he and his family were some of the more fortunate ones, losing a recording studio and all the gear in it as flames burned through the property, their home was miraculously sparred. “I’m extremely lucky and grateful,” he says.

And she said

I packed the car and grabbed the dogs and packed up plenty of food

Don’t Worry

And grabbed your journals, grabbed your soul and packed your favorite shoes

– “California Halo Blue”

That date, and the ones leading up to it, inspired the anthemic new release, with the song playing out like a journal entry of the day. The title and some of the lyrics were influenced by something Bruno was thinking about during those moments. “I kind of had this hopeful fantasy in my head visualizing there being a halo around California made of water, and that it could put out the fires,” he explains of “California Halo Blue.”

The accompanying music video, directed by Ravi Dhar, is an ethereal re-telling of the artist’s experience that inspired the song. It features footage from firefighters themselves who have helped to combat the fires and save so many lives. Bruno hopes to also bring a spotlight to the first responders who do so much for communities effected by wildfires and other tragedies. See below for some organizations where support can be given to firefighters and their families dealing with loss.