Avatar Country Invades Denver

The Swedish avant-garde metal quintet Avatar are in the middle of their massive World Avatar Country Tour and made a stop at the Summit Music Hall in Denver, Colorado this Wednesday night.

This tour aims to have fans not only be engrossed in a stimulating visual experience but also a rock concert. There is a fan art museum that will get larger as each show happens, a wheel game of chance, a claw machine pulling t-shirts, and a lit up merchandise table to make fans feel like they are attending a circus. Plus there is incredible performances and stellar music.

The show opened with a amazing set performed by Hellzapoppin Circus Sideshow. Illusionist Dan Sperry did multiple stunts in which he would swallow razorblades and make white doves appear from handkerchiefs.  Half-Man Short E. Dangerously came out and jumped off a round stool landing into a pile of broken glass all while it was on fire. Other insane death defying tricks included Ryan Stock swallowing swords and The Govna Bryce Graves breathing fire.

The Brains from Montreal, Canada were up next to keep the crowd going. The band played a great set of punk infused rockabilly tunes that had the crowd cheering and wanting more.

If you are a fan of the TV show Game Of Thrones,  you will love the stage entrance and kick off to Avatar’s set. Guitarist Jonas “Kungen” Jarlsby (playing the fictional central character) sits on a throne on top of the stage shredding on his guitar while other band members file in during the intro “Glory To Our King” breaking into “Legend of the King”. The whole set not surprisingly focuses on the concept of their newly released album Avatar Country and that are a tribute to the King. The King promises to uphold all of the values of heavy metal and keeping it a formidable thing. Lead vocalist and ringleader Johannes Eckerstrom strutted the stage with chaos and grace while waving his skull scepter. Avatar rocked heavy and hard and crowd easily kept up with their every move often banging their heads and singing the songs as load as they could.

This night was a great night for the citizens of Avatar Country. All hail the King!

Photos and review by Jason Bullinger for Alternative Revolt.