Arch Enemy Creates Powerplay With New Album

Arch Enemy
Tim Tronckoe

The time has come, as Arch Enemy have released their 10th studio album, “Will To Power.” The album is the second one to feature the bands new singer Alissa White-Gluz, and the very first one to feature the massive talents of former Nevermore guitarist, Jeff Loomis.

Loomis joined Arch Enemy in late 2014, which may come as a surprise to some who may not have known that he had been in the band that long, or may be puzzled at the fact that it took them three years to put out a new record.

Like anything, the best things occur over time, and after listening to the album, it is stocked full of material that the band clearly shows have been take care of with a fine toothed comb over the years. The writing process was certainly a labor of love that shows in the final product.

“The writing never really stops; I’m always fiddling around on the guitar. I come up with a little idea, record it and save it. And then piece it all together later on,” said guitarist Michael Amott.

“The actual real writing of the new album, ‘Will To Power’, started about a year and a half ago,” he continued. “We started seriously putting together demos and so forth. So it was a fun process. When you’ve not recorded an album for two and a half [or] three years, it’s really fun to get into that creative mindset again and enter the studio.”

“People always ask us: ‘Do you prefer being onstage playing shows, or do you prefer being in the studio?’ But we’re greedy — we want to do both, for the balance. We need to write new songs, and then it’s a pleasure to go out and play them live onstage as well, of course.”

With the album official in the books and on store shelves, Arch Enemy is set to head out on the road to support it. The band has set up a laundry list of tour dates with fellow metalhead Trivium, who will have a new album of their own coming out soon, as they too have been busy releasing bits and pieces in the making of their newest creation.

JT “Doc” Berry \m/