Anthrax Would Love to Work With Lady Gaga

Josh Lowe for Alternative Revolt

Looks like Anthrax wants to try their luck with Lady Gaga too. Anthrax’s bassist Frank Bello said in an interview that they would consider working with Lady Gaga. When asked about the rumors about Anthrax and Lady Gaga possibly working together, he stated:

“Lady Gaga is a friend of ours. She’s amazing. We love her, but she just did the Grammys with Metallica. She’s a metalhead, which I love, she’s awesome, so we’d love to work with her. We’ll put it out there; she doesn’t have a lot of time, she’s very busy. We want to see her do well. She’s metal and we love her for it. Of course we’d be very open to that, but nothing is planned now.”

Check out the full interview below