Ann Wilson and Jerry Cantrell Perform “Black Hole Sun” At Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Ceremony

Kevin Mazur, Getty Images

Ann Wilson and Jerry Cantrell paid tribute to Chric Cornell by performing a cover of Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun” at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony last night.

Backstage at the Rock Hall press room, Cantrell told reporters about Chris Cornell: “Chriswas a friend for many years and an incredible artist, a wonderful human being. And I’ve always been inspired by his work ethic and talent, and his band, Soundgarden, they were a big influence on us. It’s obviously very sad. I still don’t really know how to really discuss it personally, but I think at this point it’s time to maybe focus on the type of man that he was and the type of human being and the type of artist. [He had] incredible depth. Our bands helped each other in the early days. We were all under the same roof, with Susan Silver managing them, Kelly Curtis managing Mother Love Bone and then Pearl Jam, and they jointly managed us. We were all in the same little office above the central tavern, and that was home base. I’m gonna miss him immensely, but I also celebrate his life and his life’s work.”

Asked how he came to be involved in last night’s tribute, Cantrell said: “Ann called me and said she was thinking about doing something for our friend, and asked me if I would join her. And anytime she calls, I’m there. And if it’s for Chris, of course, absolutely.”