Alter Bridge Is Planning To Release New Album This Fall

Jason Bullinger For Alternative Revolt

Alter Bridge is planning to release their new album in October.

Guitarist Mark Tremonti recently spoke about it during a recent interview with Anne Erickson of Audio Ink Radio.

When asked if the new AB record will be out this year, Tremonti said: “Yeah. I think the plan is to have it out this fall. I think maybe October is kind of the target.”

Tremonti: “I’m in the process now where I’m up till four in the morning every night writing, writing, writing,” he said. “And on [the Tremonti] tour, I’ll be recording demos and whatnot, so once we get off this tour, I’ll be going right into the studio with AB through March and April. And then after that, we’ll do another Tremonti run, which will be the final Tremonti tour for this cycle. And then we’ll be setting up for the tour later on with AB at the end of the year.”

Tremonti said he’s “trying to come from a different place. It’s hard to explain. I’m trying to make it not be the same,” he said. “We always try to reinvent ourselves with every record. Right now, it’s a little early [to tell], ’cause me and Myles [Kennedy, guitar/vocals] haven’t gotten together. So far, it’s been me writing stuff and Myles writing stuff, and when we come together and combine the stuff, we really see what it’s gonna sound like. But I’m trying to make it sound a little different than it has in the past. We’ll see how it turns out.”