All Time Low: Future Hearts Tour- Denver

Fans filed into the Fillmore in Denver on a rainy Saturday after waiting up to 10 hours for All Time Low’s headlining show. Being the opening act of a relatively early show can be a hard slot to fill. It takes a band with high energy levels to captivate a crowd who is impatiently waiting for the headliner. New York pop punk band, State Champs, was the perfect band to begin the night. As they opened their set with “Remedy”, the room seemed to come alive. Throughout the set, State Champ’s upbeat music and stage presence seemed to lighten up the gloomy spirits caused by the continuous rain. By the time they closed with the crowd favorite and much anticipated song  “Elevated”, crowd surfer and crowd surfer made there way to the barricade singing the words right back to vocalist, Derek Discanio, and attendees who weren’t familiar with the band were bobbing their heads along to the drum beat.

Next up was Tonight Alive all the way from Sydney, Australia. Tonight Alive had been to Denver a few times in 2014 and have made more stops in prior years so the majority of the crowd was familiar with the band. As the band took the stage, front-woman Jenna McDougall was pulsing with as much energy as much energy as crowd while jumping and running across the stage. Tonight Alive’s energetic and captivating performance caught the attention of the crowd almost instantly. Once Tonight Alive caught the attention of the crowd, they didn’t lose it for a single moment. On a pop punk/power pop bill, you would imagine that metal-core band Issues would sonically and demographically out of place. However, that assumption was proved wrong the very second Issues took the stage. As the band took the stage the Pokemon theme song was booming throughout the venue to match their nintendo themed gear. With the opening notes of “Life of a Nine”, the crowd was moving and singing along. The rest of their set would be filled with sing alongs to the more r&b influenced tracks, pits throughout the crowd for their heavy songs, and banter exchanged between frontmen Michael Bohn and Tyler Carter.

After Issues’ set, the anticipation rose with the realization of the proximity to the beginning of All Time Low’s set. Screams of anticipation would erupt throughout the venue every few moments until the band finally took the stage. As, All Time Low opened with a new track off of Future Hearts called “Satellite”, the stage was backlit by twirling lights that transported the crowd into a sky of stars. Even with a mellow start to the set, All Time Low got the energy pumping with “Irony of Choking on A Life Saver” which got the entire venue singing the lyrics along with lead singer Alex Gaskarth. From then on the crows continued on with a great energy and when the band experienced multiple technical difficulties, the members exchanged multiple jokes and kept the crowd engaged in order to stall. Half way through the set they stripped down a few of their more emotional tracks for an intimate acoustic break amidst a very high energy night. The rest of the night was a collection a songs both new and old plus a cover of Green Day’s “American Idiot”. During the encore, they played their most popular track “Dear Maria, Count Me In” which was the perfect way to end the night and celebrate 10 years of All Time Low.

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