Alice In Chains Performs New Single In New York City

Alice In Chains
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Alice In Chains is back in the game, and they’re coming out in a big way. The band performed in New York City at the Hammerstein Ballroom this past weekend, adding to the set list their newest single, “The One You Know.”

With a 5 year delay since an Alice In Chains album has been released, this song is the newest single to come out, and will be a part of the band’s upcoming album, set for a release later this year.

“It’s really aggressive. It’s got a super-aggro riff. I was thinking kind of [David] Bowie when I was writing it, a little bit, so it’s got kind of a metal ‘Fame’ shuffle to it, kind of almost. It’s a good aggro riff and it’s got the classic Alice In Chains chorus, with a weird kind of trippy middle part,” said guitarist Jerry Cantrell.

[It’s] “a good record. I wouldn’t say that the rest of the record sounds like [‘The One You Know’], but that’s a good indicator of what the rest of the record kind of feels like. There’s a lot of edgy stuff there, a lot of rocking stuff, a lot of weird stuff, and some pretty stuff in there too.”

“We’ve been really fortunate in most of our career to be able to make music when we feel like it rather than having to be on somebody else’s schedule, which is really nice. So we take advantage of that. And there’s really no reason to put music out unless it’s something that we feel strongly [about] and stand behind.”

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