Alice In Chains Lift The “Rainier Fog” In Denver


Alice In Chains have been very busy in 2018 making tour stops around the globe. Having just released a magnificent new album Rainier Fog on August 24, the band is back on the road and made a tour stop at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver, CO on September 13. The show got delayed because the city block the Fillmore sits on had a power outage. The power was restored an hour after and the band never missed their stride as they delivered another incredible live performance.

Atlanta, Georgia’s Starbenders started the night out performing an energetic set blending rock, glam, and punk. The band is signed to former Lady Gaga music director/guitarist Nico Constantine’s label, Institution Records.  The band is led by frontwomen Kimi Shelter and they have been touring in support of a newly released EP Julien.  I have no doubt they gained a number of new fans or ones who will definitely will check out more of their music.

After all four members of Alice In Chains took the stage, the band launched into opener “Check My Brain”.  This was quickly followed up by “Again” then “Never Fade”, the first of four new songs from Rainier Fog . This tours setlist is a good mix focusing on the fan favorites from Dirt and hitting on all of their other studio releases and EP’s. I was excited to hear a new song “Red Giant” had made it into the set. With the stage flooded with red lights, this signature song from Rainier Fog perfectly showcased the bands songwriting and performance to date. They would contrast that right after beautifully when the band slowed it down and delivered “Nutshell”. Vocalist William DuVall is unfairly compared to Layne Staley as he did a amazing job capturing the haunting and emotional vocals of the song. I thought the sound mix of the instuments was impressive. I could hear everyone clearly with Mike Inez’s bass, Sean Kinney’s drums, and the grungy guitars and harmonies from Jerry Cantrell.

Besides the band introductions there was not much talking except when Cantrell paused in-between and said “You guys (audience) did not come out to “f around”. AIC are ones not to “f” around as they consistanlty satisfy millions of fans and always deliver inspiring music and outstanding live shows.