Alice Copper Plays King Herod In ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ On NBC

In case you missed it last night, Alice Cooper reprised his role as King Herod in NBC’s live broadcast of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’.

Cooper’s scene-stealing performance, which you can check out below, inspired a flood of tweets from viewers, with one proclaiming, “From now on, I will ONLY play Herod in my family’s annual nativity, wearing THAT suit, THOSE boots. And a skull walking stick.” As another succinctly put it, “Alice Cooper saved Easter.”

Cooper has played King Herod before, singing the part during a performance captured on a 2000 recording with the cast of the 1996 revival. For that and a host of other reasons, he wasn’t surprised to get the offer to play Herod in the NBC broadcast, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t give the role some thought — or make an attempt to understand the character’s point of view.

“It’s very cynical, and he’s very cynical,” Cooper told Rolling Stone. “To prepare for the role, I keep thinking, ‘Who’s the most cynical character that this could be?’ And I keep coming back to Alan Rickman. He would have been the perfect Herod. So that’s the way I want to do it.”