Album Review: AFI-Burials

AFI have released their 9th studio record entitled Burials. The album was produced by Gil Norton (Pixies, Foo Fighters). The overall sound to this record is much darker than the last release, “Crash Love”, but Davey’ vocal range is outstanding more than ever on this new production. The music is more arranged where their earlier stuff was basic in your face punk rock. The songs “The Sinking Night” sounds like a mix of the Black Sails and Art of Drowning albums, but “I Hope You Suffer” and “A Deep Panic” have a more aggressive vocal range, which I know many of their older fans will appreciate. I don’t want to flail my hands like an excited school girl but, I LOVE IT!

The song “Greater Than 84” is pure poetry with an amazing musical structure to it. I see this song being one of my favorite tracks on the album. “No Resurrection” starts out with drums and a great bass line, than the vocals of Davey creep in. A bit darker sounding but very emotional and I know the fans will really dig this one. Almost like something that was intended for The Art Of Drowning record. “The Face Beneath The Waves” is one of the best tracks on here by far and it is extremely haunting and beautiful, reminds me of lovers on the dance floor dancing to Bauhaus. On this track the band has matured and has evolved more than I would have thought. This album has rekindled the spark for me as a fan. I am very pleased with this record and the way it was arranged. Have a listen, AFI: Burials.

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