AFI Draw Blood at New York Show

At this stage in their 25-plus year career, AFI can take for granted that a sizable fraction of their audience is still coming to their shows. The punk-ish California band embrace their catalogues’ deepest cuts  previously demonstrated during their tour supporting 2013’s Burials. With the release of their tenth studio album dubbed “The Blood Album,” AFI have demonstrated a fusion of their early roots and an influence of Puget and Havok’s side project, Blaq Audio.

Opening their set with old hits and new such as “Miss Murder” and “The Leaving Song Part 2”, sending fans over the barricade before dialing it back and gave the crowd an injection of “Aurelia” from the new Blood Album, followed by madness erupting again with “Girl’s Not Grey.” Long time fans of AFI were clearly not in attendance for just old hits; AFI’s setlist offered plenty of diversity, queuing up tracks from a total of eight albums, even breaking out “Triple Zero” off Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes for the first time since 2010.

Focusing on the most recent part of their career, they performed four tracks off of Burials, including “I Hope You Suffer,” which followed the new classic, “Snow Cats.” Before jumping into the song, frontman Davey Havok dedicated the track to “New York’s own, Sick of it All,” citing the hardcore outfit’s influence on AFI through the decades.

The band appeared to have the most fun playing much of their earlier material “Days of the Phoenix.” During an encore, the bandmates brought out two songs that encompass both sides of AFI, present and past “The Face Beneath the Waves” and finally, the high energy “This Celluloid Dream.” The boys of AFI have matured over the years enough to make the song’s painful lyrics all the more meaningful and upbeat.

AFI Setlist, Feb. 3, 2017

01. “Miss Murder”
02. “The Leaving Song Pt. II”
03. “Aurelia”
04. “Girl’s Not Grey”
05. “The Conductor”
06. “Triple Zero”
07. “17 Crimes”
08. “Dumb Kids”
09. “Clove Smoke Catharsis”
10. “End Transmission”
11. “Morningstar”
12. “The Days of the Phoenix”
13. “Snow Cats”
14. “I Hope You Suffer”
15. “Silver and Cold”
16. “The Face Beneath the Waves”
17. “This Celluloid Dream”