Aerosmith: Cheyenne Frontier Days

Cheyenne Frontier Days, a rodeo and country festival located in Cheyenne every year for a wild west summer also include a summer concert series for the 119th annual year. This year’s lineup included Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, Toby Keith, Keith Urban, Alabama, Big & Rich….and we cant forget about the super stars of the line-up which is why this review is being written in the first place, Aerosmith! Taking their “Blue Army Tour” across country to regions out of the radius of most major cities, Aerosmith made a stop in Cheyenne to bring the mayhem to the wild west crowd and some of their classic tunes such as “Love in an Elevator” “Dude looks like a lady”  “Cryin” “Jaded” “Sweet Emotion” and covers of Fleetwood Mac and The Beatles. With 400,000 visitors and big-name concerts every day from Blake Shelton to Aerosmith, the huge extravaganza tends to turn Cheyenne into a 10-day boom town that buries many of the city’s simple pleasures.

Aerosmith’s guitarist, Brad Whitford, says “the band still clicks onstage”. While Aerosmith is doing a handful of shows this summer,  Whitford said the group is enjoying a loose and easygoing pace these days. With its last album coming out in 2012, the band isn’t beholden to a label, and side projects and other interests are taking up a lot of time. Expectations did rise on that front that perhaps Stephen Tyler would perform some of his newer countryfied songs such as “Run through the Rain”. Over the band’s career, Aerosmith has placed eight songs on the Billboard Top 10 and sold more than 150 million albums. Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001, the “bad boys from Boston” are by every measure one of the largest rock groups of all time. Whitford was tentative when talking about the future of the band beyond this set of summer concerts, stating that If someone comes up and says they have a song for them to record, he will be there, but is not confident if that would actually happen. Closing confidently that the band has plenty of life in them, and will be happy to perform tours and shows wherever people will have them.

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