Ace Frehley Gets Added To Kiss Kruise VIII Lineup

Original Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley may not be reuniting officially with his former bandmates, but he’ll get a close shot, as the legendary guitarist has been added to the lineup for the upcoming Kiss Kruise, set to take sail on October 31, 2018.

The Kiss Kruise is just another way for hard rock and heavy metal lovers to come together and enjoy some of their favorite bands on the high seas. Much like the Monsters of Rock Cruise, the Kiss Kruise showcases numerous bands that are sure to be crowd pleasures, all while enjoy the luxury of a cruise.

While no word has been made as far as whether or not Frehley will join Kiss for any songs, Kiss fans will enjoy seeing him on stage regardless. Frehley had been open to a Kiss reunion, had the opportunity presented itself, and made available, as Frehley commented on these matters during an interview back in July.

“I can only be honest with you. It’s something I haven’t pushed and it’s something that Paul and Gene haven’t brought up to me. So whatever happens, one way or the other, everybody’s going to be fine. But if by chance Paul and Gene decide to bring me back in the fold and do a world tour, I think that could be great too, if it was handled correctly. But I haven’t been approached, no. Honestly.”

JT “Doc” Berry \m/