A Perfect Circle Flock Their ‘Feathers’ in Colorado

a perfect circle
Jason Bullinger for Alternative Revolt

Fans of Maynard James Keenan know he is a busy man, fronting the prog-rock giants Tool, running his own winery, author of several books, and his involvement with other projects, Puscifier and A Perfect Circle. The latter recently signed a new record deal releasing new music at the end of the year. They are back on tour this spring after a long hiatus and showed no signs of any rust as they played to a sold out crowd at the 1st Bank Center in Colorado.

APC kicked off their set with “The Package,” with a transparent curtain still raised in front of them, creating silhouettes moving about, creating a eerie atmosphere. At the drop of the curtain, they went right into “The Hallow,” a first of many songs from their first album Mer de Noms. The stage background and textured hanging accents gave the atmosphere a very ominous ambiance.

Though not an overly dynamic live show, the band just let the music do all the talking. Maynard claimed dibs in his usual position in the back where no one can see him on the platform next to the drumset,  he spoke very few words throughout the show, often interjecting some attempts at humor in between songs. The band played most of their material from Mer de Noms, they also included songs from Thirteenth Step and the political album Emotive from 2004. From the vocals of Maynard to the guitar work of Billy Howerdel, the band sounded like they have not missed a step since their last show in 2011.

“When you give somebody a gift, it hurts a little. You’re having to maybe give from a place you don’t necessarily want to be giving from. So for my birthday, you don’t have to participate if you don’t want to. But let the other people participate. If you’re going to be a dick, shut up. But, for my birthday, I want you to say, ‘Go Packers!’ After a less than stellar response he said “Sometimes I’m funny, sometimes I piss off Broncos fans.” said Maynard to the crowd when celebrating the singer’s 53rd Birthday.

While the show was brought to a close, the night did not end before the band performed their new acclaimed hit “Feathers”.

A Perfect Circle will be hitting the road making several festival appearances, while Tool makes a stint on the road themselves elsewhere.