3 Doors Down And Collective Soul Bring The Rock & Roll Express To Colorado


The Rock & Roll Express Tour, co-headlined by 3 Doors Down and Collective Soul made one of it final stops at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver, CO on September 11, 2018. With recording breaking temperatures outside, the atmosphere and music was just as hot inside as these two highly successful musical groups continue to entertain fans decades into their careers. This tour also has also included an opening set from 90’s alternative band Soul Asylum but because they already played a food festival in Denver this past weekend they would not be included the evenings performances.

Collective Soul took the stage led by splashy vocalist Ed Roland yielding a hat, black and white striped shorts, and glasses. The Georgia rockers played a number of songs spanning their nine studio albums focusing on the self-titled (blue album) triple platinum 1995 classic. But as the set continued, you could tell something was not quiet right with Ed’s vocals. After concluding the song “Precious Declaration”, Roland told to the audience that he was “loosing his voice and not feeling well”. He did keep up us spirits and joked that “when you loose your voice they bring you a bucket”. You could tell we was struggling but to his credit attempted a few more songs before ending the night. It was unfortunate but he indeed is “human” and the crowd was very understanding and supportive. He is an incredible talent and I have no doubt we are guaranteed to see them live again down the road.

Mississippi rockers 3 Doors Down keep the train rolling and closed out the night.  The band sounded tremendous which included vocalist Brad Arnold, Chet Roberts (lead guitar), Chris Henderson (rhythm guitar), Justin Biltonen (bass) and Greg Upchurch (drums). Their set featured many of their hit singles spanning all six of their studio albums.  My personal favorite “Duck And Run” superbly introduced the set followed by the fantastic “Not My Time”, and “Away From The Sun”. After the song “Dangerous Game”, Arnold commented that it had been a year since the band had played the song live joking “if we sound off you can always blame the drummer”.  Chet Roberts and Chris Henderson fed off each other all night taking turns jumping on the risers while shredding next to the American flags positioned at each end of the stage. Patriotism is always present at a 3DD show as Arnold paused and graciouly praised the members of the military and veterans.  3 Doors Down continue to deliver great performances, smiles, and give fans a high-powered and enjoyable night of rock and roll.

Photos and review by Jason Bullinger