Lenny Kravitz Sets New Album ‘Raise Vibration’ For September

lenny kravitz
Josh Lowe for Alternative Revolt

Lenny Kravitz will release his 11th studio album, Raise Vibration, on September 7.

“People are standing up,” Kravitz noted. “I’ve had enough of racism. I‘ve had enough of war. I’ve had enough of the destruction of the environment and the greed and dishonesty of world leaders. We’ve got to get back on track towards moving forward through higher understanding.”

Kravitz premiered the song’s video on Facebook, complete with a warning that it was “graphic and may be disturbing to some viewers.” The eight-minute-clip contains news footage of, among other things, police brutality, animal abuse and white supremacists, as well as demonstrations against all of those issues. Musically, Kravitz channels his inner Curtis Mayfield as he runs off a litany of topical issues.

Lenny Kravitz, ‘Raise Vibration’ Track Listing
1. “We Can Get It All Together”
2. “Low”
3. “Who Really Are the Monsters?”
4. “Raise Vibration”
5. “Johnny Cash”
6. “Here to Love”
7. “It’s Enough”
8. “5 More Days ‘Til Summer”
9. “The Majesty of Love”
10. “Gold Dust”
11. “Ride”
12. “I’ll Always Be Inside Your Soul”