Shinedown Releases ‘Attention Attention’ Documentary

Jason Bullinger/Alternative Revolt

Shinedown has released a 14-minute documentary about the making of the band’s sixth studio album, ‘Attention Attention’. The disc is a concept effort which addresses a society both enabled and blinded by technology and the decline and rise of an individual in that society.

Frontman Brent Smith said: “In a lot of ways, ‘Attention Attention’ is a warning to people and society. Don’t lose your human side. Technology is great, but don’t lose the fact that you are a human being.”

Bassist Eric Bass produced ‘Attention Attention’. “Eric probably got 100 or so gray hairs from producing the album,” Shinedown drummer Barry Kerch told the Lexington Herald-Leader. “He put a lot of pressure on himself and we put a lot on pressure on him. A lot of people say it’s the death knell when you self-produce. But he knew how to do the job. He’s produced bands before, many different styles of bands — rock ‘n’ roll bands, metal bands. So we had full faith and trust in him. But we also had full faith and trust in each other because we still get along. We still like each other. We still have fun together. We’re friends, and we love each other like brothers. That made it a lot easier. For me, it was fun just to watch him work with the talent that he had.”