The Sword Releases New Video For “Used Future”

Austin, Texas rockers The Sword has released a new video for the song “Used Future”.  The video was created by videogame makers Rooster Teeth in the spirit of old Nintendo games.

“Used Future” is the title track of The Sword’s sixth studio album, which is being released today (Friday, March 23). The disc was recorded in Portland, Oregon with producer Tucker Martine.

In an interview with Billboard, The Sword lead singer and guitarist J.D. Cronise revealed the band’s sound has evolved away from doom metal and now incorporates elements of Led Zeppelin, Thin Lizzy, and Blackfoot.

“We have to do something that we find interesting and enjoyable,” Cronise said. “And, for me, the same old thing all the time just gets boring after a while. Our tastes have changed and evolved and matured over the years, and to me, everything we’ve done feels totally natural.’

He added: “I think what’s weird is people’s reactions of not really knowing what to make of [the new sound]. Which, in a way, I get, because it’s just not a thing that’s done very commonly these days. But, for me, I can’t imagine it having gone any other way.”