Richie Kotzen Releases New Video For “The Damned”

Jason Bullinger for Alternative Revolt

Richie Kotzen is set for a busy 2018, as he simultaneously prepares for U.S. and European tour dates, and releases a new signature guitar amp.

He now has released new video for the song, “The Damned.” The track features his ultra soulful, yet intense vocals, as well as a whole lot of his ferocious guitar playing—all done with seemingly raw abandon using his fingers alone.

Kotzen also deployed his fine band—bassist Dylan Wilson and drummer Mike Bennett—on the song. Typically, the multi-instrumentalist has taken on all the tracking by himself for his recent releases.

“Now that I’m off the road, I’ve been writing and recording quite a bit,” says Kotzen. “This time around, the main difference is that I’m using my live band in the studio. We have been a live band for about seven years now, but we really have not done much studio recording together. Rather than wait until all the music is recorded and release an album, I decided to release a series of singles. Maybe it will lead to a full album, maybe not.”

“We had the privilege of shooting at Paramount Ranch in Agoura, California, which tied in perfectly with the vibe of the song,” explains Kotzen. “I found out that day that it would be the last day for any kind of permitted shooting, due to some kind of change in local government. Thankfully, we got all our shots in one long day of filming.”