Lillian Axe Releases New Single “The Weeping Moon”

Louisiana’s Lillian Axe have released a new single, “The Weeping Moon”. The track has been made available across all digital platforms, including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and Google Play. The cover artwork was created by Todd Schmidt.

“The Weeping Moon” will appear on Lillian Axe’s 14th album, “From Womb To Tomb”, tentatively due this fall.

Lillian Axe guitarist and songwriter Steve Blaze stated about “The Weeping Moon”: “This track was going to be the bonus track for the best-of-the-ballads album. However, we decided to put our efforts directly into the new studio record. Thematically, this song fits perfectly on the new album, but we decided to release it as a single to give you guys at least something new to listen to. I think you will find this song pleasing, especially if you have a fondness for songs such as ‘The Needle And Your Pain’ and ‘See You Someday’.”

Lillian Axe’s latest album, “XI: The Days Before Tomorrow”, was released in 2012 in Europe through Germany’s AFM Records and in North America via CME Records.