Mayhem Fest 2013: Rob Zombie, 5FDP & more


It was not long before the official workday started for the camera crew and myself. In fact, the opening band had just started performing to open up the show at this year’s Mayhem Festival. In fact, the insanity literally kicked off not long after the crack of the symbol’s from Iconocaust when we noticed that a disgraceful show-goer had already been kicked out of the show, all the while fighting with security as he was just tripping on something wild perhaps, and eventually tossed out. I knew there was more to come. Huntress had kicked off the official start of the show bringing their heavy riffs and kicking the crap out of the crowd. Attika 7 followed, as expected they brought the motorcycle on stage and they delivered quite well sounding nice and heavy, and the crowd dug it. Following was BattleCross. Knowing better than to assume the crowd would be a bit tamer, they brought the heavy with them and played passionately and very much full of sheer adrenaline. Coming up was Born of Osiris, and honest to god, I thought I would not need safety gear like a frikkin helmet for example?! Because apparently I needed it! Because the crowd went so balls the the wall ape shit that the photo pit was like a death trap! BOO definitely tore it up and did not stop tilt the end. Finally, Emmure was up next right before Machine Head and Childen of Bodom..followed by the main stage show; very anticipated. Opening with an adrenaline filled set list, Emmure kicked the living crap out of the crowd and took absolutely no prisoners, and their objective was simple: bodies everywhere! Destroy! Between Rob Flynn’s Machine Head and Alexi Laiho’s Children of Bodom, lick after lick after lickety lick, was shred metal and adrenaline junkies paradise! A Job well done! I dont think many people were left alive after the outdoor show. At last, the main event kicked off with Amon Amarth who demonstrated good-naturedly furious animosity in their performance, and I have never seen them play like that, ever. Bravo. And the ship…was….AWESOME. A great touch to the stage set. Next up: Metal veterans, Mastodon, who although are very strongly respected in the metal community (and don’t hate me for saying this) sounded great, but visually not very stimulating. They did not seem to mesh well with the rest of the lineup. Although highly skilled, I could not help but notice the disappointment and complaints from the crowd. Sorry dudes. Then, there was Five Finger Death Punch, a band who totally kicked ass for their previous 2010 Mayhem Fest performance, and even brought along the same package. An elaborate stage set filled with gargoyles and brass knuckles. I didnt get it either. Those guys never disappoint though. What can I really say that makes their performance any different from their past performances? They are Five Finger Fucking Death Punch. And at last, Rob Zombie. They ended the festival with an eccentric highly theatrical performance, beginning with some new wardrobe, masks, which get more ridiculous every year and Pyro up the ass! Considering that a mere few hours ago, I’d been getting my ass kicked in a cluster of what was mostly made of what I like to call, Fauxtographers, in the photo pit, this was a curiously sedate note to cap off the day’s barrage of mile high rockie fury.




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